A bit about the girl behind the camera

As a professional, female photographer with more than 7 years of experience behind the camera, I have had the immense pleasure of photographing ladies from all walks of life. Because I am so passionate about my work, a photo session with me is more of a wonderfully insightful journey exploring and embracing the sensuality that every woman feels somewhere in her soul. Laughter, conversation and amazing music are just a few of the nuances that set the mood for all of my sessions. As an advocate for the betterment of women, my intuition and understanding enable me to recognize and draw forth individual beauty that I unveil through the lens of my camera.

I have loved the arts ever since I was a little girl drawing trees in the forest, painting, later attending live nude drawing classes and finally dabbling in fashion illustration. Through my love for international travel and the exhilarating freedom that comes with immersing myself in foreign cultures, I discovered photography. Only through the eye of my camera can I forever capture fascinating details that are but fleeting moments to the human eye.

As a creator and entrepreneur, I am a diehard perfectionist and strive for thoroughness in all that I do. Hair and makeup artistry is also my expertise as reflected in almost all of the images on this website. Details are my world which is another reason why I love photography – nothing goes overlooked during a shoot – that little hair resting on your cheek, the cord in the background near the wall, a twisted strap, when it’s time to take a break. Nothing during my shoots is ever forced. Sessions always flow like water.

Should you decide to spend a few hours or even an entire day celebrating your beauty and femininity, I would be honored to be your photographer. Expect a true bonding session woman to woman wherein you are queen for the day while creating exceptional imagery. This is what boudoir and sensual photography is all about.

Association of International Boudoir Photographers