What is a boudoir photo session like?

A boudoir photo session is a very special occasion that every woman should experience at least once in her lifetime. If you want to feel beautiful, sexy, empowered and on top of the world, having your pictures taken by a professional, female photographer is the way to go. None of my clients are professional models and most feel shy in front of the camera – at first. In a warm and sensuous environment, most ladies tend to relax quickly and begin to really feel their femininity. Wearing your favorite lingerie and jewelry, having your hair styled and your makeup done to perfection while sipping a glass of your favorite beverage is sort of like being treated like a queen!

Do you shoot in a studio?

While I used to maintain a studio many moons ago, I found a common thread of familiarity in my work that didn’t give me a warm fuzzy. I prefer originality! There is nothing more invigorating and creative than shooting on location. Every venue is unique to the client and that’s what I like.

Is hair and makeup included in a photo session?

Hair and makeup can be included in your photo session by a professional makeup and hair artist for $150 or by DCSensual Hair and Makeup Artistry for $125. (I am also a hair and makeup artist. Almost all of my clients have opted for DCSensual Hair and Makeup.)

I’m very shy about being in front of the camera!

Don’t worry! I have a way of making my clients feel totally relaxed. A DCSP photo session is more like friends getting together, laughing and talking while I snap some photos. Soon, you’ll feel so at ease you won’t even realize you’re being photographed! You will take my lead as I style and pose you in ways that are totally flattering to your figure and personal style.

How long will it take to receive my photo gallery?

Less than one week after your photo session you will receive a very  nice electronic gallery showcasing all of the images from your shoot. From there, you will be able to select the number of images allocated to your photo session. You will also be able to order extra images, if you like.

I want to have some risqué photos for my partner. How erotic can we get?

The sky’s the limit! My work always has a sensual/erotic feel but stops short of anything less than tasteful. Through our phone consultation, we will discuss boundaries, what you want to wear (or not wear) and postures. Everything is up to you and your comfort zone will always be respected.

What can I expect shooting with you?

You can expect a fabulously unforgettable experience second only to incredible photos that you will want to keep for a lifetime. Your partner may become extra affectionate when he views your gorgeous pictures! Your photo session will begin with chatting, enjoying some light snacks and beverages of your choice. We will review wardrobe, accessories, shoes and makeup. Then, we’ll plot out a sequence of outfits, put on some sensual music and warm up with a few pictures. Expect to have the time of your life!