Those who seek adult photography are more common than you think

Do you want to express a secret fantasy in front of the camera? Maybe you are a bride in the Washington D. C. area who would like to gift romantically arousing photos to your fiancé. Some are exhibitionists with a desire to manifest erotic urges by being photographed. Maybe this is your first time exploring the idea of taking adult photos. You are not alone! There are many folks out there just like you.

Satisfy your curiosity for sexy photos with a trusted, professional female photographer

An adult photo session does not have to be a clandestine occurrence. Tasteful, (and often times) spicy images that celebrate the beauty of the human form in all its sensuality are a personal treasure to keep forever.

What to expect from an adult photo shoot

Expect loads of fun! As a skilled, adult photographer of more than thirteen years, I have learned to establish guidelines and boundaries that instill a safe environment allowing for relaxation and freedom of expression. Professional conduct is a given and a client’s trust never compromised. Prior to the shoot, we will engage in a telephone consultation in which we talk about your expectations. Rapport is established as I learn about the results that you would like to achieve. Full nudity is never required and is not necessary (though certainly acceptable) to achieve sensual imagery.

What adult photography is not

While adult photography can easily produce sensual imagery that induces pleasurable or erotic sensations, I do not specialize in photography that promotes pornographic, lewd or lascivious acts, abuse, violence or humiliation.

I’m shy about my body

Nobody is perfect! Every single person has flaws and unfortunately that is what we as human beings tend to focus on. In my case, beauty is in the eye of the camera for that is all that I see. Through our telephone consultation, we will discuss any imperfections, avoidable postures (and thus, poses that work best for you), preparation and diet prior to the shoot.



Thank you, Meeshee for making my first time professional shoot a success! Since I’m not a trained model I was so nervous. Your relaxed atmosphere and attention to detail put me at ease and made the whole experience truly enjoyable. Your guidance and instruction along with your talented eye for beauty produced spectacular results! I can’t wait to display my new gallery. Lorelei Leigh – Tampa, Fl

What a unique experience Meeshee, you are so talented in capturing the inner beauty of a woman. I felt completely relaxed in your presence which was reflected in my photos. Most of all, I really enjoyed myself because you are such a free spirit and authentically nice person. You definitely want the ladies you work with to enjoy the experience and get the results they desire. It was a true pleasure meeting you! Tylor Blake – Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to thank you for making my first photo shoot an incredible experience. I had a blast and loved the selection of outfits that you provided for me. I felt so comfortable during the entire shoot and throughout the day. The detailed planning was very impressive from the wardrobe and the scenery right down to the nail polish! You have a top notch business and I will highly recommend utilizing your services to my friends. I felt like I made two new close friends after the day was done. I can’t say enough about the experience except that is was everlasting. Courtney Mack – Tampa, Fl

Meeshee, you know this shoot was a style departure for me. I think it worked out well. You paid attention to my creative desires while giving me the polished look I was aiming for. I also appreciate the phone consultation because I could talk out my ideas beforehand. You were patient and encouraging. Next time, I’m going to have to bring my pet, too. You’ve been warned! Quinn – Las Vegas, NV

Meeshee! You were a joy to work with like no other photo shoot I’ve experienced! You made the whole shoot very relaxed in an environment with a certain cool ambience. You are a very talented photographer/artist who expects nothing but perfection in your work. I will highly recommend you and already have! Samantha Killington – Boston, MA

I was nervous about being in front of the camera again but you immediately put me at ease. I felt relaxed the whole time and never felt rushed. You went above and beyond time wise to get the best shots possible! You truly know how to bring out a woman’s best features, both with makeup and behind the camera. And thank you for helping me with my poses. You really knew just how to guide me for the most seductive and flattering shots. To say you have an eye for this kind of photography is an understatement! I have gotten many compliments on my photos. My only regret is that I live so far away from you. Please include North Carolina in your tour plans soon! Hot Steph – North Carolina

Hi Meeshee! I’ve photographed with several folks over the years. This is the first time I’ve felt like a pampered princess. I enjoyed the whole process from our beginning interviews to finished product. Meeshee, you are the ultimate professional and a lovely, warm, engaging woman. Anneke Pleasures – Tampa, Fl